How much is the best homeowners insurance in Florida

Multiple variables will influence if you have the best homeowners insurance in Florida. The city or town you live in, the size of your home, whether it is one story or two, how many bathrooms you have, the garage and various fixtures or assets you have in your house will have a bearing. The profile of the homeowner will also have an influence.

From gender to marital status, size of the family to whether or not there are any pets, everything matters. It is no secret that every company that provides coverage in the state does its own math before offering you a quote. Some will offer a more affordable quote than others.

It is necessary for homeowners to assess the general average across the state and the trend in the city or town where they live. Per, this will help one to figure out the companies that are providing the best Florida home insurance.

Average Cost of FL Home Insurance

Florida is known for its many hurricanes that brought along millions of dollars worth of devastation. In fact, owning a home here in FL is actually pretty high risk. In fact, you will determine that there are only a few companies that write home insurance here in Florida.

So since FL is a high-risk state, that means rates here will be more expensive. In fact, Florida has the highest rates compared to the rest of the US. The average homeowner here will pay around $1,900 dollars per year. However, each year rates are steadily climbing.

You must purchase coverage for your home. Your home will need protection against hurricanes, tornadoes, and wildfires. This can cause thousands of dollars worth of damages.

How are FL rates determined?

How are FL homeowners insurance rates calculated? According to, any shoppers wonder the same thing. Many carriers will assess how much of a risk you are in order to calculate rates. Many carriers ask themselves “how likely is it that something bad will happen?”. If you are highly exposed to risk,  you will receive higher premiums. Potential disasters are considered risks.

Crime Rates

The crime rates here in FL are higher than the national average. Homeowners should assess these risks in order to protect their property properly.


Severe weather is also another factor to consider. Severe weather can cause major issues for homeowners. The most common cause of the disaster in the state is fire related. On average, there are around 54 tornadoes each year. In addition, in the year 2016 companies in Florida paid out over 3 billion dollars. You can get specialized hurricane insurance in Florida but the deductibles are rather high.

Home Value

The value of your home is another factor that is considered. The estimated cost to rebuild your home will play a role in this as well.

Remember these factors will affect your rates. It is important that you shop around for coverage here. That way you can find the best homeowners insurance in Florida!